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Bryan Person

Dan, we both started running regularly about a year ago. I only lasted until December, and I very much admire how you've stuck with your running program. A half-marathon is quite an accomplishment, and points to your determination and discipline. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your journey all along the way. And keep it up!


I also started running more regularly a year ago, but the winter impeded my progress when I switched to the treadmill (which I don't like as much as running outside). Hopefully this winter I'll do a better job of sticking with it so the gains I have made will stick with me come next spring.

I'm headed for my own half marathon in November, so it's great to see what you have accomplished and know that I'm not out of my mind to do it! :)



Congratulations on this achievement, Dan! I've just picked up my running habit again after procrastinating for almost 6 months... I blame the new job and the change in routines for that :)

Surprisingly, getting back to it was not as bad as I feared it to be. But I'm still far away from even thinking of running the distance you just accomplished. Kudos to you!

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